Children’s Party Menu Tips

Children's partyThe main thing about menu for the children’s celebration is the combination of several aspects. All the products that are offered to the young celebration participants should be tasty, look attractive and appetite arousing, be healthy or at least not so harmful for the infants’ health and presuppose some opportunity for choice.
It often happens when the adult friends and parents enjoy salads and main courses while children eat only cakes and candy. To avoid such imbalance you need to remember that the most part of dishes should be liked by children but not by their parents. It is sensible to cook separately for children and grown-ups. Besides that it is necessary to follow some simple rules in order to avoid some unpleasant consequences.
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6 Phrases That Make Me Wanna Kill: Confessions Of An Introvert

As you probably know, people are subdivided into introverts and extraverts. According to Wikipedia, “extraversion tends to be manifested in outgoing, talkative, energetic behavior, whereas introversion is manifested in more reserved, quiet, shy behavior”. Sometimes, the type of personality means a lot during the process of communication and, needless to say, introverts and extraverts are like aliens from different planets to each other. Thus, it’s not that easy to weather a relationship through stormy times… Especially for an introvert, because extravert style of communication rubs their fur the wrong way hard. So, here are some phrases and situations that drive introverts crazy.

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What men can’t stand about women

Every man dreams about perfect relationship. At least he wants his girlfriend to realize some obvious things. Well, unfortunately these things are not evident to women. At least not always. Anyway you should learn what guys can’t stand about women. Just pay attention to it.

Well, it is really annoying to date a jealous girl. Everything seems to be perfect, you try to do your best to impress and satisfy her needs. But it doesn’t work. She is suspicious and mistrustful. She has overactive imagination. It is simply impossible to persuade her. She is right. That’s all. In fact she tries to manipulate you and your life. She wants you to act according to her requirements.

That’s not very pleasant to be with a girl who pretends to be innocent. At the same time it is absolutely okay for her to discuss someone’s private life and gossip. For some of them it is okay to read your messages. She literally wants to control your life. She wants to know absolutely everything about you and your past. It is really annoying.

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Men’s Fashion History of France

France was probably one of the first countries in the world which has made a revolution in the history of fashion in the beginning of the nineteenth century having become a trend setter of haute couture. Thankful to the most acknowledged fashion houses such as Chanel or Dior designing and creating clothes ceased to be a handicraft and turned into the real art.

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The First Arab Woman to Win the Nobel Prize

The 32-year old mother of three children Tavvakoul Karman from Yemen became the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Prize. She is the real face of the female revolution in Yemen. In the year 2005 she founded the organization “The Journalists Without the Fetters” and lead the oppositional community against the violent regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. But not all the citizens of Yemen supported her ideas.

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The Advantages of Being Single

It is widely believed that all women dream of being in a relationship and becoming single even for a short period of time is their worst nightmare. However, single life can provide such opportunities that you will think twice before starting dating someone, or even thrice or even decide not to rush forward with a new love affair.

For instance, when being single you have a full right to exercise careless and harmless flirting. You will not receive a scene of jealousy for casting an occasional glance at some handsome assistant in your local store. Smiles, compliments and flirt are at your entire disposal when there is no gloomy boyfriend nearby.

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Can You Survive Traveling Alone?

The older you become the more difficult it is to find a company for your vacation – all your friends have different schedules and problems and it is not easy to coincide in time. So, you desperately want fun and entertainment but doubt whether you will enjoy them all on your own. First of all, you should define what you expect from your vacation.

Some people physically can not be alone. If you are the soul of any company, super extravert, and chatter box, lonely trips are not for you and, most likely, they will turn into total disappointment. So, the best option for you is to postpone your vacation and wait till your friends can join you.

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How to give up smoking

Today I would like to share my own experience of giving up smoking. I had been smoking for almost 10 years. As it happens quite often to many smokers I began to smoke at parties. To tell the truth I didn’t take it too seriously. I did it just for fun. And I liked it. But it turned out that I became addicted to nicotine. I began to smoke during my breaks at work with my colleagues. Frankly speaking in many cases I didn’t want to smoke. I mean when you are a little bit drunk and to lit another cigarette is just normal. Well, of course it is not normal at all but anyway it is I would say usual situation. But then I smoked at work or at home only because it became my habit. To be honest sometimes… I made myself smoke. It sounds strange I know but unfortunately it happened to me. And then I became addicted. I literally couldn’t stop. I got up early in the morning and the only thing I needed was another cigarette.

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Is It Important to Read Preface?

Almost each book has its preface. Preface is simultaneously the first and the last part of the book, as it precedes the narration itself and serves as the explanation of the author’s point of view and the answer to the comments. It’s a pity but the readers don’t bother themselves and read the preface carefully.

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Marco Vernaschi

Marco Vernaschi is an Italian photographer based in Argentina famous for his provocative works. “I had started to question what being a photographer is actually about and the path my work was taking. I’ve never been interested in being a “witness” in the way it’s commonly meant in today’s photojournalism. I’ve always preferred to provide a personal insight, a subjective perspective…”, says Vernaschi. He has been working on his long-term project devoted to organized crime, child sacrifice, organ trafficking, terrorism and drug dealing in West Africa. One of his projects was dedicated to the president of Bolivia Evo Morales and his policy on coca crops. It was unprecedented indeed. Thus the project Bolivia: Broken Promises is supposed to be one of the most honest and terrifying projects of the 2000s.

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