Don’t Mix Up the Real Man With Perfect Husband

Every woman knows for sure what type of the man will perfectly suit the role of the husband thankful to Hollywood blockbusters. Of course tastes differ and one woman may like the tall and refined blonde man remaining the fairy-tale prince and the other will prefer an athletic macho with chestnut hair and black eyes. The third woman may fall in love with a tribe representative from the jungle of Amazon. The one thing that unites these three types is that they are the Real Men. How to know that the man sitting in front of you is the Real one? The Real Man will offer his shoulder immediately to cry one, shoot a couple of enemies and criminals before the breakfast instead of doing his morning exercises, drives his car so that the brakes whistle while turning the corner and always remains safe and sound. Otherwise the Real Woman will appear to have no one to kiss when the happy ending comes.

When is concerns more prosaic events the Real Man is always ready to carry a bag for you, to get your broken car in tow, to climb a tree as your cat can’t go down, and tell you whet has happened during the last football match without using the harsh language. Here one may find such man is unknown but they really exist in fact. Well, I believe that they exist.

Alas even the real Real Man won’t make a good husband. You may agree that the brakes that whistle when turning the corner won’t sound good if you carry your children in that car. And the hobby of shooting the gangsters will make your home to seem a boring place for him. The Real Man isn’t a synonym for the Perfect Husband. Finding the Perfect Husband may appear to be a far more complicated task than finding the Real Man. The matter is that the Perfect Husband can be mistaken for some other types of men. It is difficult to understand at once if the man is the Perfect Husband or not. Here is the small test that will help you to understand the situation with less effort.

The first stage of the experiment is the plain supper. Plain supper mean a really plain one without cafes, sophisticated dishes and any other fads. Otherwise the test would turn out to be invalid. The matter is to watch his actions after the supper. If he washes the dishes, or at least puts the plates into the dishwasher that man may have some features of the Perfect Husband. Anyway he has the chance to succeed.

The second stage. The best time for carrying out this experiments is late autumn, winter or early spring. You will need a toddler, a set of clothes and a man. Watch your man dressing the child up. If he manages to button the jacket and tie the scarf that isn’t of any significance. Watch his manner to put a cap on a child. The Perfect Husband never manages to place the seam on the back of the head. If the seam appears on the forehead bu sure that the Perfect Husband stands in front of you.

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