Is It Worthy Trying to Beat Laziness?

Hello, lazybones! Are you offended? There is no reason to be offended if someone calls you that way actually. That is because laziness is a wonderful and useful thing no matter how strange does it sound. Let us take some in-depth look and find out if sloth is a sin or a virtue.

Of course everyone is familiar with the negative sides and consequences of laziness. The most common and wide-spread of them are the following ones.

  • Incomplete business and promises
  • Persistent feeling of guilt when the one starts dwelling upon the thought of these incomplete promises.
  • Terrible mood when there is the need to motivate and encourage oneself to get up from the sofa and finally start doing things.

You may extend this list adding more and more items to it such as apathy, lack of new experience, you name it. By the way and what is sloth? Is it a certain state of mind or body? Try to define that on your own during the minutes of overwhelming fit of sloth. But one still is able to find something good in this notion which is condemned by the society. So here is the lists of positive effects that the state of sloth may have.

  • One needn’t fulfill the tasks and do the things if he feels lazy. Laziness is the great excuse!
  • Time sparing. Laziness may help you to cut out some time from your daily routine and devote it to yourself. You don’t feel like doing things, you don’t actually do them, you have more free time for doing nothing. As easy as a piece of a cake.
  • The absence of excessive energy waste. This spared energy may be spent on doing something really pleasant.
  • The possibility to have a rest, which everybody commonly lacks.
  • The opportunity to retain health. Many people feel exhausted and a bit under the weather after a hard working day.
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  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    I don’t think of it as lazy…it is just my brain recharging while I sit and do not do any work.
    Of course, that doesn’t mean I will EVERY do the work, but that’s not laziness, just aversion!

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