Almond Effect

Drinking tea with almond cakes brings us great pleasure, cosmetics on the basis of almond oil nourishes and calms skin, the flavor of almond gives us energy and helps to restore strength. However, it is not the full list of useful qualities of this wonderful nut.

Since ancient times almond was believed to produce healing effect and bring luck, wellness, love, health and happiness. It is also worth noting that the complex of useful qualities of almond only proves this belief.

This nut contains a great number of unsaturated fats, irresistible fatty acids, valuable vitamins of B group, minerals such as phosphor, potassium, iron and cuprum as well as alfa-tocopherol which presents an important vitamin of E group and produces absorbing and antioxidant effect. This complex of elements is especially useful for circulatory system and digestive tract. Besides, almond is famous for its pain-taking, soothing and anticonvulsant qualities. Due to the high density of phosphor in the cores it is of much use for those who are occupied with intellectual work.

Resent research revealed that the components which are contained in almond increase the ability of leukocytes to find viruses which enter our body and prevent them from reproduction. Moreover, they demonstrate such activity not only in regard to banal colds microbes but in regard to herpes as well. Besides, it was also proved that riboflavin, proteins, vitamin E and calcium improves the men’s sexual power to a great extent.

Using simple recipes will help you to include almond in your daily ration. One of the easy-to-cook and original dishes with almond is chicken soup-puree with almond.

To prepare this delicious soup you will need 250 gr. of boiled chicken fillet, 50 gr. of peeled almonds, six glasses of chicken broth, half a glass of cream, one spoon of wheat flour, two spoons of butter, one pinch of nutmeg and a half of lemon for zest.

First, chop chicken fillet with the help of meat grinder and add some broth and almonds to it. Then chop this mess again using blender till it will look like puree. Add the rest of broth to this puree and salt it according to your taste. Sauté the flour on the butter, pour cream and boil it for 5-7 minutes. Add nutmeg, zest and wait till it boils. While serving the soup, decorate it with toasts and add some butter. Enjoy delicious taste and useful qualities of this almond soup!

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