Charlize Theron’s dark secret.

When you come across with breaking news concerning another Hollywood scandal and involving Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan it’s just nothing in comparison with dark secrets of famous actors and actresses that they would like to keep in secret. Some events of their private lives are really horrible and undesirable to be revealed especially if you are a recognized and Oscar-winning actress.

Thus I was really surprised and shocked to find out some facts from Charlize Theron’s private life referring to her family and relations of her parents. For me she is that pretty girl from romantic drama Sweet November (2001), very charming and moving film. But real drama happened to her when she was 15-years-old. Theron along with her parents lived at the time in South Africa. Her parents weren’t a perfect family couple even though her father was a nice guy who really loved and enjoyed his life. Probably he loved his wife and beautiful daughter Charlize. But he had a serious problem, he was an alcoholic. When he was drunk he was an actual monster threatening his family. The tragedy happened in summer of 1991. Charlize’s father along with his brother were on their way to home and they were drunk as it happened frequently. When they came back home Charlize’s father due to some reasons started to attack his wife and daughter with shotgun shooting at the gate and then at the kitchen door yelling: “Tonight I’m going to kill you both with the shotgun”. Obviously trying to protect her daughter Charlize’s mother took her own handgun, killed her husband and wounded Charlize’s uncle.

It is not surprising at all that Charlize doesn’t blame her mother confessing: “I know what happened. And I know that if my daughter was in the same situation, I would do the same thing”. Fortunately the tragedy didn’t influence Theron. Well, it is obvious that she just can’t forget it once and forever but at the same time she says that “it’s part of me, but it doesn’t rule my life”. Hopefully it is true. At least it can be true according to her career achievements and awards she won.

Evidently it is not an accident that later Theron starred in a crime drama Monster (2003) depicting life of a serial killer Aileen Wuornos who managed to kill six men in the 1980s and 1990s. Her performance was just perfect, she was successful enough to portray a prostitute who hated and killed men. And again I try to be far from it but it is not an accident she was chosen for the role.

Charliz’s mother had never appeared before the court. And for a long period of time Theron was hiding this fact lying that her father was killed in a car accident. He was killed but in other circumstances. No one can blame and condemn her. It was reasonable explanation indeed. Can you imagine what she could feel when her own mother killed her father. She was a teenager and it was really terrible experience.

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