Everybody is Married!

When I was a child I thought that at the age of twenty five I will be a married respectable woman with one or two kids. However, now I am very close to this crucial age, but no hint of husband or even potential partner is visible on the horizon of my private life. This fact does not worry me, but more and more of my friends get married every month and it annoys me slightly, you know…

This marriage fever resembles an epidemics and wedding mood is like a kind of influenza which can be easily caught on any wedding you attend. Yesterday your best friend promised to party with you for years, but the next day she suddenly puts on a decent face expression and starts planning the color of the furniture for her new family nest. I suspect that the pressure from the society plays an important role in spreading this marriage disease. We do not know what time is appropriate to get married and follow the example of the majority. However, this established example does not always coincide with your own interests and priorities, so may be it is better to listen to your inner biological clock instead of to the opinion of your married friends?

Another thing I do not understand in marriage due to the lack of intellectual abilities or immaturity is the transformation of people who get married. Most of my friends were crazy party-goers and desperate adventurers when they were single. But after the wedding all of them suddenly hid their snow boards, motorcycles and desires to conquer the world and became quite decent people spending their evenings together with their spouses in front of the TV and pretty satisfied with their lives. It seems that they forgot how to talk about anything except their new sofa, prices on milk, or annoying neighbors. If they have children it will lead to a final stage of transformation as they will turn into talking-only-about-diapers monsters. Honestly, I love all my friends, even the married ones, but sometimes I do not know how to approach them as I do not recognize them in these calm and mature people.

I wonder, in this connection, whether everybody is bound to lose a part of their personality after becoming a half of a solid couple? And is it possible to preserve at least some of the desires and dreams of your single life or regularly sitting in front of the TV is obligatory?

The circle of my friends becomes thinner and thinner as the married ones hardly find any time to spend time with unmarried friends. As for me, I just want them to remember that there is still life outside marriage and they should not refuse from it completely. Besides, honestly, there is no need to look at me with compassion and try to pursue me that I will meet my soul mate soon as I feel satisfied with my unmarried state for now – it is the lack of attention from my married friends which makes me a bit sad.

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