Why the Advertised Food Looks So Good

Everybody knows that advertisement boosts up the sales rate. The food producing companies also need to promote their production. A human being always will feel hunger that’s why the competition is rather intense in this segment of business. To shoot a successful TV ad about any type of food the whole team of specialists are invited to present the certain product from its best side. The ad maker aim to make any person wish to buy the advertised food immediately even if he is not hungry.

But if the natural fresh fruits are shot the wish to rush to a food store isn’t likely to be aroused. The camera isn’t able to shoot all the advantages of crude products or fresh raw fish, for example.

When the manufacturers need to shoot an ad of “trouble” food they invite food stylists to make the best ad possible. These specialists know for sure what to do to make a beverage or food look their best.

Let us see how the ad of beer is shot. What is a sigh of a high-quality beer? Yes, it is a solid, smooth white foam pouring out of a thick glass that starts perspiring. But how to make the foam to remain indiscreet and stable for a long time to shoot the require amount of frames? To make it stable the food stylists throw a teaspoonful of salt in the glass with beer. That guarantee the instant appearing of a thick and solid foam which will retain these features for several minutes. In other cases the foam is prepared separately with the help of washing powder and a plain whisk. The beer is substituted with juice or tea of the appropriate color. That liquids look better when filmed.

To make the meat pieces look fresh and glossy they are covered with a thin layer of iodine and cheap seed oil.

The actors advertising coffee or tea slowly sip the steaming drink from white cup. But as it is known the steam is released only by the water near 100 degrees Centigrade hot. Food stylists know what to do. They put a piece of cotton soaked with water on the bottom of the cup and arm it in the microwave. In a couple of minutes they take out the cup and everybody sees the steam rising from the cup. Now the actors pretend enjoying the hot beverage without worrying to burn their lips.

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