Jacqueline Susann – Books for Realists

Usually we read books in order to dive into the world of beautiful illusions and dreams. However, some novels, on the contrary, tell about severe and cruel reality and make us think of important issues of life. That’s why I like the books of Jacqueline Susann – this author does not hide ugly truth behind the pink glasses. Her works produce hard impression but still, they make us believe that it is our own choice which defines what our life will look like.

The most famous novel by Jacqueline Susann is “Valley of the Dolls”. The story tells about the fate of three young women and the breaking of their illusions. One of the main characters, Anne Welles, presents the symbol of traditional American dream – moving to a big city (in this book, it is New York) to become well off and find the love of her life. However, the story shows that it is not that easy – the fame may be disastrous for psychic, love will make you take pills and become dependent on them, the desire to be successful will lead to violation of your own moral values which will cause the destruction of your personality. The narration takes place in 1945, yet, the issues raised in the book remain acute. Men are infantile, the place under the sun is hard to reach in a decent way, the success can be no less dangerous than the failure. All three heroines have different paths, but the sad ending unites their lives in a single chorus of despair.

Another book of Jacqueline Susann which produces strong impression on the readers as well is called “Dolores”. Again, it tells us about how difficult it is to be a woman with ambitions in the world of men as it appears to be impossible to achieve something on your own. The main heroine, the widow of the American President, decides that only finding a decent man will save her from personal disaster, but the decent men seem to be non-existing, which adds sadness to the narration.

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