Is It Important to Read Preface?

Almost each book has its preface. Preface is simultaneously the first and the last part of the book, as it precedes the narration itself and serves as the explanation of the author’s point of view and the answer to the comments. It’s a pity but the readers don’t bother themselves and read the preface carefully.

There is an interesting consistency concerning the interdependence of the book volume and preface. The larger the book is the less popular the preface gets among the readers. In that way the preface of the book containing more than four hundred pages isn’t likely to be read carefully. Preface in the introduction that may reveal the implicit ideas the the following text is aimed to express. If you skip the preface there is no wonder that you can/’t grasp the idea of the book easily. The ones who suppose that preface is of a minor importance usually have more question than answers when they turn the last page of the book. Introduction is the first phrase of the dialogue between the reader and the author.

Some publishers place the brief biography in the beginning of the books. The short story about life way of the person whose thoughts and narration you are going to read may help you to comprehend the whole work and develop the profound view of his oeuvre. You may see the reasons for the author to choose this or that genre for hi work. During the reading you would get the opportunity to experience the same feelings and emotions as the author did while creating his work.

At school the teachers read the preface in the textbooks together with their students. In that way the last get the idea about the subject they are to study. It’s useful to retain this habit as it would make reading more interesting and rewarding.

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