How to give up smoking

Today I would like to share my own experience of giving up smoking. I had been smoking for almost 10 years. As it happens quite often to many smokers I began to smoke at parties. To tell the truth I didn’t take it too seriously. I did it just for fun. And I liked it. But it turned out that I became addicted to nicotine. I began to smoke during my breaks at work with my colleagues. Frankly speaking in many cases I didn’t want to smoke. I mean when you are a little bit drunk and to lit another cigarette is just normal. Well, of course it is not normal at all but anyway it is I would say usual situation. But then I smoked at work or at home only because it became my habit. To be honest sometimes… I made myself smoke. It sounds strange I know but unfortunately it happened to me. And then I became addicted. I literally couldn’t stop. I got up early in the morning and the only thing I needed was another cigarette.

I tried different ways to give up. I surfed the Internet and found out how smoking was dangerous. Well, it is really dangerous. But usually after enlightening myself I smoked. So usually it doesn’t work. Then I tried to convince myself that smoking was terrible and harmful. Well, it worked just for a couple of days.

In fact the only thing that helped me was method elaborated by Alen Carr. There are many former smokers who managed to quit applying his method. So I also decided to try. And it worked. So the main idea of his book The Easy Way Stop Smoking refers to the idea of uselessness of smoking. It means that in fact you do not like it and you do not enjoy it. Moreover it doesn’t help you to overcome the stresses in your life. You simply believe that it helps but it doesn’t. So if you have no idea what to do then try Alen Carr’s method. It would not take you much to read it and hopefully it would help you.

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