The Advantages of Being Single

It is widely believed that all women dream of being in a relationship and becoming single even for a short period of time is their worst nightmare. However, single life can provide such opportunities that you will think twice before starting dating someone, or even thrice or even decide not to rush forward with a new love affair.

For instance, when being single you have a full right to exercise careless and harmless flirting. You will not receive a scene of jealousy for casting an occasional glance at some handsome assistant in your local store. Smiles, compliments and flirt are at your entire disposal when there is no gloomy boyfriend nearby.

Then comes the food question. You do not need to prepare suppers with lots of fat containing products and eat this unhealthy stuff in front of a telly together with your man. Nobody will laugh at you for filling in your fridge with fruit, carrot and yogurt.

Probably, one of the greatest advantages of being single is having time for yourself. Instead of hurrying home to feed your wonderful but a little bit lazy man you can visit spa, or go to a bar with your friends or contribute to your self-development by learning a new exotic language or completing the course in art school. You can also participate in all unexpected celebrations ad funny events organized by your friends without giving a thought to some disadvantaged male person waiting for you at home with thoroughly prepared reproachful look.

When you are in a relationship you are bound to listen to your boyfriend’s complaints, problems, fears and support him in his emotional crisis. As the men are much like kids when it comes to the expression of emotions be sure that you will have huge work to complete. Besides, there is no need to pretend that you are a great fan of carburetors and all this stuff.

Single girls answer only for themselves. You can radically change the color of your hair, undertake a hitchhiker travel across the country and perform any other crazy adventure you have always dreamed of. Being single is a wonderful time when you can live your own life and feel what it is like to be yourself. It is important to preserve a part of this independence even when this period is over and remember that you are not a half of a couple but an integral personality no matter what your marital status is.

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