The First Arab Woman to Win the Nobel Prize

The 32-year old mother of three children Tavvakoul Karman from Yemen became the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Prize. She is the real face of the female revolution in Yemen. In the year 2005 she founded the organization “The Journalists Without the Fetters” and lead the oppositional community against the violent regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. But not all the citizens of Yemen supported her ideas.

The winner of the Nobel Prize expressed her acknowledgements to those who gave her the impulse to say openly about the dissatisfaction with the current state of the things on behalf of all the women. She thanks all the Yemen public activists who fight against the corruption and oppressive tyranny.

Tavvakoul Karman was invited to the ceremony on the 10th of December in the year 2011. Her contribution to the movement for protecting the women rights and participation of women in the global peace making process.

During the ceremony there happened the protest manifestation in Yemen. The women who supported Tavvacoul Karman were attacked by the unknown aggressors who threw the stones at them. According to the report of IslamNews more than forty women were hospitalized.

Tavvacoul underlined that hundreds of people in her country are killed daily for their appeal for democracy and equity. The sufferings of the average citizens were claimed to be the national disaster by Tavvakoul. She added that the leaders of the democratic states would be terrified if the came to Yemen to see the blood shed by the people and the unbearable conditions of their living.

The appeal of Tavvacoul Karman made the UN leaders consider the resolution project that offered the Yemen president Saleh to refuse from occupying the current position. The efforts she made to bring peace for her country made her the national female hero and inspired other women to act openly and take part in the history of their country.

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