Men’s Fashion History of France

France was probably one of the first countries in the world which has made a revolution in the history of fashion in the beginning of the nineteenth century having become a trend setter of haute couture. Thankful to the most acknowledged fashion houses such as Chanel or Dior designing and creating clothes ceased to be a handicraft and turned into the real art.

In the sixteenth century each fashionable person was to have no less than 30 costumes in his or her wardrobe and to change them daily. All this diversity was sewed from the expensive luxury fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk, woolen cloth and felt pad. The evening outfits were richly and skillfully decorated and embroidered with small pearl beads. The shoes resembled a bear paw as it was loose, wide and covered with design vents.

In the seventeenth century the parts of the costume remained the same but their features were altered. In the middle of the seventeenth century the image of a beautiful man became more boyish. Imitating the young king the men started wearing clothes that was worn by boys earlier. The sleeves became shorter and the stockings started gaining its popularity.

In the eighteenth century the clothes became more complicated. Culottes were introduced. In the end of the eighteenth century the most trendy men of France start wearing tail coat. Firstly tail coats were made of silk and velvet fabrics. Commonly the tail coat matched all the other pieces of outfit in its color. The white tail coats were supposed to be the most chic ones won on special occasions. They were richly decorated with colored silk threads.

In the nineteenth century fashion becomes more and more changeable as a lot of new trends appear. It is not an occasion that many artists and designers use the costumes of that periods as a source of inspiration.

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