What men can’t stand about women

Every man dreams about perfect relationship. At least he wants his girlfriend to realize some obvious things. Well, unfortunately these things are not evident to women. At least not always. Anyway you should learn what guys can’t stand about women. Just pay attention to it.

Well, it is really annoying to date a jealous girl. Everything seems to be perfect, you try to do your best to impress and satisfy her needs. But it doesn’t work. She is suspicious and mistrustful. She has overactive imagination. It is simply impossible to persuade her. She is right. That’s all. In fact she tries to manipulate you and your life. She wants you to act according to her requirements.

That’s not very pleasant to be with a girl who pretends to be innocent. At the same time it is absolutely okay for her to discuss someone’s private life and gossip. For some of them it is okay to read your messages. She literally wants to control your life. She wants to know absolutely everything about you and your past. It is really annoying.

Men can’t stand when women want others to read their minds. And it seems like it happened to everyone. You have no idea what she wants and she can’t simply tell you about her desires. And if you do not guess then she is offended. It means you do not like her and stuff like this. Pure nonsense.

It irritates when your girlfriend reacts too emotionally. It is really impossible to predict what would make her laugh and what would make her sad. You are confused and have no idea what to do.

You would be annoyed by her asking what are you thinking about? And if you do not answer her she will be sure you are dreaming about some hot chicks. Well, it is really difficult to understand. And sometimes it is really impossible to explain her that you are thinking about nothing.

Guys are terrified when their girlfriends offer them to talk. “I want to talk to you. I need to tell you something important”. Well, you simply never know what’s it gonna be. And as usual it can be absolutely everything. You name it.

She cries to control the situation. If you are not agree with her then you are in a trouble, guy. She can hardly make compromises. Her aim is to win a fight. And it seems like she doesn’t care much about your feelings.

Guys can’t stand talkative girls. And it is really annoying when she shares some useless information you are not interested in. You want to relax but instead of it you have to listen to nonsense. And if you do not listen to her then you are in a trouble as well.

And finally one could hardly bear the situation when your girlfriend is using sex to get something from you. She is simply manipulating you and your feelings.

She uses you and it would hardly work. So ladies think of it thoroughly.


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  1. Caprice Cake

    You remind me of the Good Wife’s Guide. Even if that particular example is a hoax.

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