Children’s Party Menu Tips

Children's partyThe main thing about menu for the children’s celebration is the combination of several aspects. All the products that are offered to the young celebration participants should be tasty, look attractive and appetite arousing, be healthy or at least not so harmful for the infants’ health and presuppose some opportunity for choice.
It often happens when the adult friends and parents enjoy salads and main courses while children eat only cakes and candy. To avoid such imbalance you need to remember that the most part of dishes should be liked by children but not by their parents. It is sensible to cook separately for children and grown-ups. Besides that it is necessary to follow some simple rules in order to avoid some unpleasant consequences.

First of all remember that menu for children shouldn’t include any hot, greasy, salty and deeply fried foods. The appetizers with garlic, chili or jalapeno pepper, curry or mayo can’t be supposed appropriate for children. Smoked ribs and fried sausages should also be left for adult participants of celebration. You may choose some recipe like nacho cheese but reduce the amount of pepper, salt and fat .
It is dangerous to cook some dishes that presuppose mixing together a lot of various food types. For instance tacos and burritos are liked by children but may cause indigestion and spoil the whole fun.
Find out about the children who may be allergic to some types of food. Basically the most wide-spread incitants of allergy are strawberries, nuts (especially peanuts) and citrus fruit. If at last one child is allergic to some product it is better not to serve it at all.
Any food that may cause a fit of choke shouldn’t be served on the children’s tables. These are the products that contain small fragments the children may swallow the wrong way. That is fish with bones, fruit with hard peel, berries and grapes with pips. It is safer to process them and remove the dangerous parts beforehand. Like, make fruit smoothies for example.
Children usually like to play with food and often stain their clothes. That is why if you don’t wish to fight with bad stains later choose foods that don’t contain any steady natural pigments. However the children older than 7 may be offered bright juices, salads with beet or berry cakes.
If you are planning to throw a party for the young teenagers or children older than 6 years old pay attention to theme menu. It is easy to associate it with some entertainment activities. For example all children enjoy playing pirates. So why not to turn your menu into a pirate’s lunch? Red apple juice may be presented as rum. Not all the children enjoy seafood but if they cook shrimps or octopus by themselves they will enjoy it.
Ethnic foods may also become a great idea for a children’s party. The national cuisine of American Indians or Africans may give you some clues about theme of the whole party.


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