Jacqueline Susann – Books for Realists

Usually we read books in order to dive into the world of beautiful illusions and dreams. However, some novels, on the contrary, tell about severe and cruel reality and make us think of important issues of life. That’s why I like the books of Jacqueline Susann – this author does not hide ugly truth behind the pink glasses. Her works produce hard impression but still, they make us believe that it is our own choice which defines what our life will look like.

The most famous novel by Jacqueline Susann is “Valley of the Dolls”. The story tells about the fate of three young women and the breaking of their illusions. One of the main characters, Anne Welles, presents the symbol of traditional American dream – moving to a big city (in this book, it is New York) to become well off and find the love of her life. However, the story shows that it is not that easy – the fame may be disastrous for psychic, love will make you take pills and become dependent on them, the desire to be successful will lead to violation of your own moral values which will cause the destruction of your personality. The narration takes place in 1945, yet, the issues raised in the book remain acute. Men are infantile, the place under the sun is hard to reach in a decent way, the success can be no less dangerous than the failure. All three heroines have different paths, but the sad ending unites their lives in a single chorus of despair.

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Why the Advertised Food Looks So Good

Everybody knows that advertisement boosts up the sales rate. The food producing companies also need to promote their production. A human being always will feel hunger that’s why the competition is rather intense in this segment of business. To shoot a successful TV ad about any type of food the whole team of specialists are invited to present the certain product from its best side. The ad maker aim to make any person wish to buy the advertised food immediately even if he is not hungry.

But if the natural fresh fruits are shot the wish to rush to a food store isn’t likely to be aroused. The camera isn’t able to shoot all the advantages of crude products or fresh raw fish, for example.

When the manufacturers need to shoot an ad of “trouble” food they invite food stylists to make the best ad possible. These specialists know for sure what to do to make a beverage or food look their best.

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Everybody is Married!

When I was a child I thought that at the age of twenty five I will be a married respectable woman with one or two kids. However, now I am very close to this crucial age, but no hint of husband or even potential partner is visible on the horizon of my private life. This fact does not worry me, but more and more of my friends get married every month and it annoys me slightly, you know…

This marriage fever resembles an epidemics and wedding mood is like a kind of influenza which can be easily caught on any wedding you attend. Yesterday your best friend promised to party with you for years, but the next day she suddenly puts on a decent face expression and starts planning the color of the furniture for her new family nest. I suspect that the pressure from the society plays an important role in spreading this marriage disease. We do not know what time is appropriate to get married and follow the example of the majority. However, this established example does not always coincide with your own interests and priorities, so may be it is better to listen to your inner biological clock instead of to the opinion of your married friends?

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Charlize Theron’s dark secret.

When you come across with breaking news concerning another Hollywood scandal and involving Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan it’s just nothing in comparison with dark secrets of famous actors and actresses that they would like to keep in secret. Some events of their private lives are really horrible and undesirable to be revealed especially if you are a recognized and Oscar-winning actress.

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Almond Effect

Drinking tea with almond cakes brings us great pleasure, cosmetics on the basis of almond oil nourishes and calms skin, the flavor of almond gives us energy and helps to restore strength. However, it is not the full list of useful qualities of this wonderful nut.

Since ancient times almond was believed to produce healing effect and bring luck, wellness, love, health and happiness. It is also worth noting that the complex of useful qualities of almond only proves this belief.

This nut contains a great number of unsaturated fats, irresistible fatty acids, valuable vitamins of B group, minerals such as phosphor, potassium, iron and cuprum as well as alfa-tocopherol which presents an important vitamin of E group and produces absorbing and antioxidant effect. This complex of elements is especially useful for circulatory system and digestive tract. Besides, almond is famous for its pain-taking, soothing and anticonvulsant qualities. Due to the high density of phosphor in the cores it is of much use for those who are occupied with intellectual work.

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Is It Worthy Trying to Beat Laziness?

Hello, lazybones! Are you offended? There is no reason to be offended if someone calls you that way actually. That is because laziness is a wonderful and useful thing no matter how strange does it sound. Let us take some in-depth look and find out if sloth is a sin or a virtue.

Of course everyone is familiar with the negative sides and consequences of laziness. The most common and wide-spread of them are the following ones.

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Don’t Mix Up the Real Man With Perfect Husband

Every woman knows for sure what type of the man will perfectly suit the role of the husband thankful to Hollywood blockbusters. Of course tastes differ and one woman may like the tall and refined blonde man remaining the fairy-tale prince and the other will prefer an athletic macho with chestnut hair and black eyes. The third woman may fall in love with a tribe representative from the jungle of Amazon. The one thing that unites these three types is that they are the Real Men. How to know that the man sitting in front of you is the Real one? The Real Man will offer his shoulder immediately to cry one, shoot a couple of enemies and criminals before the breakfast instead of doing his morning exercises, drives his car so that the brakes whistle while turning the corner and always remains safe and sound. Otherwise the Real Woman will appear to have no one to kiss when the happy ending comes.

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